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Amy's Garage Sale


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Selling things I no longer need and/or want
I need money (don't we all?) and I need to clear out lots of stuff that I've been accumulating and moving from place to place. My lease is up at the end of March 2008 and I'd like to have much less stuff to move!

Also, I'm going back to school and am a very poor student. In addition to that, I am a kitty mommy trying to fund dental surgery for one of my babies.

I used to be a Real Live Avon Lady, and I have a TON of Avon stuff to sell. If you are looking for something particular, feel free to ask me about it - I just might have it! I'll also be selling VHS movies, DVDs, CDs, books, PC and Nintendo DS video games, clothes, and shoes.

I prefer PayPal and can accept Instant Transfers and Credit Cards through PayPal. It's not my preference, but I will accept well-concealed cash (at YOUR OWN RISK) and POSTAL money orders ONLY. This means that you must go to the Post Office to get the money order. I will wait five (5) business days for any money order to clear, at my discretion. I am not responsible for any item once it has left my hands, so I do offer shipping insurance. For anything worth up to $50, insurance is $1.65 through the USPS. I prefer to ship via USPS and will add any of their services to the shipping that you like, but you do have to pay for it. I can ship Priority Mail, Priority Mail flat-rate, Media Mail, Parcel Post, Express, etc. If you can find it on the USPS website (http://www.usps.com), I can offer it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

My personal livejournal is pyanfar. Contact information is available in my userinfo there.

My eBay and Half.com feed back can be found at my Half.com shop.

My Gothic Auctions feedback.